Unlimited MK II

Unlimited MK II

After the outstanding success of our Limited 11 model, which was made in a special production run of only 100 pairs in 2011 and which quickly sold out, we decided to reintroduce the design to our range as a regular product under the name of the Unlimited MK II.  The original Unlimited MK II was exactly the same design as the Limited 11, but was offered in a wider choice of colours – white, grey, black and dark brown.


In the intervening years, the performance of the Unlimited design has been progressively improved, most recently by a crossover upgrade based on work done on our top selling Borderland MK IV. 


In 2014 we introduced a luxury version, which we call the Unlimited Ultimate.  This is finished in high polish polyester, in black, white, red or yellow and when you see it in the flesh you will see that it lives up to its name.


There is also now a version of the Unlimited finished in carbon fibre – appropriately called the Unlimited Carbon.


As nearly all Unlimited orders are now for either the Ultimate or Carbon versions, once we have sold the last of our stock of Unlimited Mk II cabinets, this version of the Unlimited will be discontinued. 

The Unlimited is a purist design. It provides the famous German Physiks trademark dynamics, transparency and musicality, but at a new lower price point. It is exceptional value for money and makes the unique enjoyment that German Physiks loudspeakers can provide available to a much bigger audience. The Unlimited uses a single carbon fibre DDD driver and a downward firing 8-inch woofer.   It has received a string of superb reviews and numerous awards, which you can find at the bottom of this page and which testify to the excellence of this design.