The PQS-202 Mk II is a 3 way design based on our PQS-201 model with the addition of a sub-woofer. It is designed for use in high end 2-channel systems and also as the front loudspeakers in high quality home theatre systems.

Fast High Quality Bass

The PQS-202 Mk II sub-woofer uses the same high quality 12 inch driver as our prestige Loreley model to produce deep, clean and fast bass down to 35Hz.

Easy to Position

The PQS-202 Mk II may be positioned against the wall. This minimises its intrusion into the room and makes it ideal for smaller listening rooms as well as home theatres.

The DDD Driver

The DDD driver is used on all German Physiks loudspeakers and the same quality of driver is used on all models from our entry level product, to the top of the range Gaudi. This revolutionary driver gives the same very important advantages to all German Physiks designs and is what sets them apart from our competitors. 

Its very low moving mass enables it to operate linearly over an extremely wide frequency range. The titanium DDD driver used on the standard PQS-202 Mk II covers the entire range from 300Hz to 21,500Hz. In a conventional design, this range would be covered by two or even three different types of driver and most importantly there would be a cross over point in the mid range, the area where our hearing is most sensitive. The DDD driver’s wide operating range allows this vital region to be kept free from the level and phase anomalies that multiple drivers and a necessarily more complex cross over would create. This enables the PQS-202 Mk II, like all German Physiks loudspeakers, to produce very accurate and realistic stereo images. Another key advantage of the DDD driver is that it is omni directional, so these excellent stereo images can be enjoyed from a wide range of listening positions, unlike conventional designs which have much smaller “sweet spots” due to the tendency of their drivers to beam the sound. This is an ideal property in a loudspeaker that may be used in a home theatre system where there could be many listeners. 

Modern movie soundtracks are very detailed. In many cases not only will there be a large orchestra that on its own covers a very wide frequency and dynamic range, but there will be complex sound effects sections with a large number of elements, as well as multiple voice tracks. The DDD driver’s low moving mass gives it exceptional speed and low distortion enabling it to clearly resolve all the elements in even the most complex soundtrack and thereby greatly enhance the total viewing experience. 

The DDD driver is phase linear across its operating range ensuring that the timbral character of each musical instrument is reproduced with great accuracy. This also makes sound effects more believable and is particularly noticeable on complex and very dynamic effects.