The PQS-100 is a compact, full range loudspeaker intended for use in high-end home theatre systems, where its exceptional resolution and dynamics will greatly add to the enjoyment of movies and music videos. Its single carbon fibre cone DDD driver produces detailed and realistic stereo images, which can be enjoyed by many listeners from a wide range of positions within the room. This avoids the “one seat sweet spot” stereo image that most conventional loudspeakers produce.

The PQS-100 is designed to be wall-mounted in order to minimise its intrusion into the room and so save space. This also makes it ideal for use in high-end stereo systems in smaller rooms. In addition, it is well suited for use in galleries, shops and other public places where very high quality sound is required and the sound source must be unobtrusive.

The PQS-100 may be used with the matching PQS-Sub subwoofer. This forms a very compact system with a combined frequency range of 45Hz to 24,000Hz.

Easy Location

The PQS-100 can be quickly and easily attached to the wall with a single screw fitted mount.

A special mounting plate is available to allow the PQS-100 and PQS-Sub to be mounted neatly together on the wall as shown.

Despite its compact size, this system is capable of driving even quite large rooms to high levels, whilst preserving the characteristic German Physiks open and relaxed sound and at the same time producing good levels of well-controlled low bass.

The PQS-100 may also be mounted on the PQS-Plus stands, which allow additional flexibility over the positioning of the loudspeaker. A shorter version of the PQS-Plus stand is available to special order. Please contact German Physiks for details.

5.1 Surround System Possibilities

The table below shows a suggested configuration for a 5.1 surround system using the PQS 100.