The HRS-130 is an improved version of our popular HRS-120. Not only have significant improvements been made to the sound quality, but the cabinet has been restyled to give a smoother look, enabling the HRS130 to blend more easily in to the room. The improved look is enhanced by a new, luxurious high-polish polyester finish, which is available in black or white.


The HRS-130 uses a single carbon fibre German Physiks DDD driver mounted on top of a slim, floor standing cabinet, with a downward firing woofer set in its base. These work seamlessly together to create a detailed, three-dimensional stereo image that immerses you in the music. The transparency of the DDD driver opens a new window on to your music collection, by helping to reveal fine detail and ambience information that you would normally only expect to hear at a live performance. Most important of all, the DDD driver’s exceptional transparency better allows you to experience the emotion that is the essence of a good musical performance.


Improved resolution and dynamics

The HRS-130 has a new crossover that provides improved resolution and dynamics. Now it is even easier to follow the various threads in a performance, even at high levels. This does not mean that the HRS-130 forces you to listen analytically, as you can also sit back and enjoy the performance as a whole if you wish.


New 10-inch bass driver

The HRS-130 uses a new 10-inch bass driver instead of the 8-inch driver employed by the HRS-120. This is the same unit that our much more expensive PQS-402 uses. It provides a deeper, better defined and more controlled bass. The integration of the bass with the rest of the frequency range has also been improved. It was good on the HRS-120 and on the HRS-130 it is better still.