The Borderland MK IV

The Borderland MK IV

The Borderland was originally introduced in 1992 and was German Physiks’ first flagship model. Now in its Mk IV form, it continues to set impressively high standards for stereo imaging, transparency and musicality and remains one of our most popular models. It combines a single DDD driver with a sophisticated passive crossover network and a new cabinet that has been developed from research carried out for the HRS 120.

Extended Bass with Low Distortion

The Borderland Mk IV uses a single 12 inch woofer of the same type used in our prestige Loreley model. This is coupled with a Helmholtz resonator and gives the Borderland Mk IV a degree of bass extension normally associated with high quality component sub woofers. Most impressive is that this is achieved with a cabinet of relatively modest dimensions.

The Many Advantages of the DDD Driver

The DDD driver is used on all German Physiks loudspeakers and the same quality of driver is used on all models from our entry level product, to the top of the range Gaudi. This revolutionary driver gives the same very important advantages to all German Physiks designs and is what sets them apart from our competitors.

Its very low moving mass enables it to operate linearly over an extremely wide frequency range. On the Borderland Mk IV it covers the entire range from 200Hz to 21,500Hz. In a conventional design, this range would be covered by two or even three different types of driver and most importantly there would be a cross over point in the mid range, the area where our hearing is most sensitive. The DDD driver’s wide operating range allows this vital region to be kept free from the level and phase anomalies that multiple drivers and a necessarily more complex crossover would create. Consequently the Borderland Mk IV, like all German Physiks loudspeakers, produces very accurate and realistic stereo images.

Another key advantage of the DDD driver is that it is omni directional, so these excellent stereo images can be enjoyed from a wide range of listening positions, unlike conventional designs which have much smaller “sweet spots” due to the tendency of their drivers to beam the sound. The benefits of the Borderland Mk IV can thus be shared with friends and family.

The DDD driver’s omni directionality also makes the Borderland Mk IV less sensitive to room position than conventional designs. This and the loudspeaker’s small foot print, make it relatively easy to set up in the listening room.

In addition, the DDD driver’s exceptional impulse and phase response characteristics allow it to reproduce both the attack of the music and resolve low level detail very accurately. This is essential in order to faithfully reproduce the delicate nuances and timbral characteristics of a performance and make it sound like music, rather than just good hi-fi. The driver’s excellent impulse response also ensures that the stereo image remains focussed and stable, even when the loudspeaker is reproducing complex passages at high levels. It also gives an overall sense of speed and transparency more commonly found in the finest mini monitors.